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On our first call,

everything came out.

I had been feeling stuck and scared for about 6 months and didn’t want to talk about it to my partner, friends, or family – I didn’t want to put my problems on them. But when I talked to Ruairi, I didn’t feel crazy in my own head anymore. I felt validated and could share anything with no judgement.

Each of us has so much untapped potential…
and you really can write your own story.”

His program is amazing. We worked on people-pleasing a lot and setting boundaries, and every choice I made felt scary but it grew my confidence.

He never gave me the answers. He was a really good listener, and would ask questions that helped me come to the answers myself. He specializes in relationships but since there’s so much work on self-esteem… you can grow any area of your life.

I ended my relationship, quit my job and I’m about to move to a new city. I’m working on my own business, and I had the best sales I’ve ever had in the two months after my breakup. My life is still changing a lot, but I’m excited for the possibilities and I know where I’m going now.

If you’re thinking about working with Ruairi, I’d say – I thought I was happy-ish and showing up okay in my life before. But now I see that each of us has so much untapped potential, and you really can write your own story. I can’t recommend him highly enough!’

Ruairi gave me the tools to navigate on my own (though I know I can reach out anytime), to trust myself, and to know that I can handle the change, too.”




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How to recognize low self worth, abuse, and toxicity in your life… and what to do about it.

This guide will show you when don’t need to “cope” or “be okay with it” anymore in relationships… and what to do next.